Get to know the Platform

Hands-on WorkshopThis past week I went to an all day platform workshop. One whole day dedicated to developing apps, Visualforce, Apex and more! If Salesforce comes to your town with it’s FREE day of learning, it’s worth going. Whether you’re just getting started, interested in something new or even looking to get more advanced, chances are you will find it here. Keep an eye on the developerforce calendar to find out what’s going on in your community. You will find both online and in-person events on their calendar.

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My workshop started with declarative (button-click) application building and went deeper into custom territory as the day went on. Our instructors were knowledgeable and took the time to answer every question thrown their way. I was most excited about moving beyond the standard point and click functionality, not because that’s the end all be all of developing a platform, but is great to see how a mix of standard and custom dev can coexist and compliment each other. Best part of all, every exercise was an extension of the last. This way, you will see how the building blocks fit together. At the end of the day you will leave with more than you came in with. More knowledge, bigger community and platform starter kit (aka box o’ goodies).

If you can’t wait for an event to come by and you’re ready to jump right in, then register a free developer account and get cracking with any of these workbooks! I got my dev certification mainly by focusing on the workbooks and this book on fundamentals, both available online for FREE! While you’re at it, bookmark these cheat sheets for reference. Happy coding!