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The latest edition of the Technical Marketers Monthly Meeting was all about email deliverability. Al Iverson from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Deliverability team took us through the various building blocks of creating a successful deliverability strategy. You can catch the session in its entirety via this recording link. Below is a brief summary of the key points from the session.

You can access the recording by using the registration link in the Tweet above

QRG = Quick Reference Guide of common deliverability terms
SAP = Sender Authentication Package (Salesforce service offering)
SPF = Sender Policy Framework
DKIM = DomainKeys Identified Mail
DMARC = Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance
IP Address = Internet Protocol Address

Why do these terms matter?
The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) contains a list of IP addresses allowed to send mail on behalf of your domain name. Complexity: Simple
DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) Cryptographic based signature is added to messages. Translation, it makes it more difficult to spoof and impersonate your domain. Complexity: Medium
Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) is one of the best defenses against phishing attacks and spoofing. It looks at either or both the SPF and DKIM records. It can be tricky to set up correctly. Complexity: Advanced

Everybody emails because it’s “cheap and easy” to do. However, being successful at it requires some effort. There’s a reason we all get junk mail. If you want to arrive in and stay in the inbox of the people you’re looking to engage with, then it’s important to invest the time up front to configure your email solution AND monitor it as the world of spammers is constantly looking for ways to game the system and get you to click on their nefarious links. I highly recommend you watch the recording of this session and review the slides for a deeper dive into creating and maintaining a strong and successful deliverability strategy.


SFMC Deliverability 201 ( 62 minute session recording)
SFMC Deliverability 201 (downloadable PDF of session slides)
Follow the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Deliverability Team (on Twitter)
Email Deliverability: Staying Out Of Email Jail (18 minute video)

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